The Healthy Hungry Med Student

My husband and I have, for the last two months, been on what we affectionately call our “health kick.” We started on a whim on a Tuesday night after my husband bemoaned the fact that the waistband of his shorts seemed a bit snug. I did some internet research on integrative medicine and clean eating (something I’d always been interested in but had never made the decision to pursue) and we decided to give it a shot for a week or two to see what would happen. We cut white flour, white sugar, white potatoes, white rice, and other calorie-dense but nutrient-poor foods from our diet. We doubled or tripled the amount of vegetables we ate everyday and cut down on meat. We started taking a multivitamin. We started drinking more water. We got more creative with our meals and excited about new ways to add nutrient-rich foods to our diet. We found ways to incorporate exercise in our daily routines. What started as a fun project for a week or two has become a new normal for us. We’re having a blast and don’t plan on going back to our old ways. (And in case you were wondering, we have lost weight too!)

My husband and I have been having so much fun cooking lately we decided to start blogging again to share with y’all what has worked for us. My second and third years of medical school were tough but crucial in helping us grow together as a couple and helping me figure out what I want to do with my life in the future. I’m a fourth year medical student now (!) and have decided to become a primary care physician in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.  I’m passionate about people, food, and health and can’t wait to empower my patients and their families to be the healthiest they can be!


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